April 2021
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Installing PloneSoftwareCenter on Plone 4

In addition to the Plone Help Center, I also wanted to have PloneSoftwareCenter for project management capabilities. PloneSoftwareCenter is used to manage the software projects on Plone’s web site.

The installation instructions for PloneSoftwareCenter state to add Products.PloneSoftwareCenter to the eggs = section of the zinstance/buildout.cfg file in the Plone installation. Unfortunately, this […]

Installing Plone Help Center on Plone 4

Plone Help Center (PHC) is a Plone module used on the Plone site to handle community documentation and support site. The module comes with predefined FAQ, How-to, Tutorial, Reference Manuals, Error Reference, Links, and Glossary Definitions.

PHC has compatibility issues with Plone version 4. This information is no readily apparent on the PHC […]

Installing Plone 4 on Mac OS X Server 10.6

Plone 4 is an open source content management system (CMS). It’s an elegant, extensible solution for document and content control. Large companies, including Apple, use Plone. I’m evaluating CMS solutions and was pleased to find that Plone has a Mac OS X installer.

I tried to install the OS X installer and chose […]

Links for learning CSS

A friend of mine asked for tutorials and resources for cascading style sheets (CSS), so I complied the following list of sites. The most comprehensive place to start is by reviewing the CSS specification (current version is 2.1). The spec is published and maintained by the World Wide Web Consorium (W3C), which also a tutorial on CSS.

W3Schools is a good site with excellent tutorials for HTML, CSS, XHTML, among others. I learned HTML/CSS there — and then had to unlearn some things. W3Schools is geared towards coding towards Internet Explorer, which doesn’t necessarily match the actual W3C specs.

An easy way to play with CSS is to start with standards-compliant templates that work in a wide range of browsers.

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