April 2021
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Links for learning CSS

A friend of mine asked for tutorials and resources for cascading style sheets (CSS), so I complied the following list of sites. The most comprehensive place to start is by reviewing the CSS specification (current version is 2.1). The spec is published and maintained by the World Wide Web Consorium (W3C), which also a tutorial on CSS.

W3Schools is a good site with excellent tutorials for HTML, CSS, XHTML, among others. I learned HTML/CSS there — and then had to unlearn some things. W3Schools is geared towards coding towards Internet Explorer, which doesn’t necessarily match the actual W3C specs.

An easy way to play with CSS is to start with standards-compliant templates that work in a wide range of browsers.

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Suggestions for new technical writers

Interested in learning about technical writing or getting started in the field? The set of links below were put together when a friend asked me for information on technical writing.

My bookmarks on Delicious for tech writing The motherload of all TW mailing lists: TechW-L. Great articles, resources, and mailing list archives. The […]

Creating Unique Headers and Footers in Writer

You create unique headers and footers in one document in Open Office Writer (Writer) by using the page styles available in Writer. Page styles in Writer are like creating master pages in InDesign: page features (text, graphics, etc.) are stored in the style. When a page style is active on a page, the style name is highlighted in the Page Styles pane of the Styles and Formatting palette.

Header and footer text associated with a particular style is entered on a page tagged with that style.

The procedure below describes how to create new page styles, apply the page styles, and then modify the headers and footers associated with each page style. You can also use this procedure with existing page styles by starting after after the first section.

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